Natural Moonstone Vintage Necklace

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A vintage style necklace with a stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. Everything that is good for healing, empowering, and rediscovering one’s inner self is what moonstone is all about.

Moonstone symbolizes good fortune, health, protection, love, and longevity.

Benefits of Moonstone:

  • Moonstone is said to possess some extraordinary healing and calming properties.
  • Moonstone is the perfect gemstone for people who are suffering from anxiety or is over-aggressive at times.
  • It is also said to cure health issues like insomnia and even fertility issues. 
  • Moonstone is said to help in striking an emotional balance as well. In case you feel too confused or lost at times, wearing a moonstone might help. 
  • Moonstones are also known to possess protection effects from negative energies. 
  • Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success, and good fortune in love and business matters.

Moonstone Meaning: love and friendship

Moonstones are called “the lovers’ stone”, due to the fact that they can evoke emotions and passions inside us. Moonstones are a symbol of friendship and love and are the best gift to give to our lovers and friends. It is said that wearing moonstones when the moon is full, helps us meet good lovers.

In the United States, the Indians regard moonstones as a “sacred stone”, a commemorative gemstone for the thirteenth anniversary of marriage.

Moonstone Emotional Healing Properties

Moonstone is a mild and delicate stone that can improve your mood and personality, stabilize your mind, make you calm and graceful. It has a calming effect on emotional turmoil and is suitable for meditation.

Moonstone Spiritual Healing Properties

It is said that wearing moonstones when the moon is full, improves our consciousness and the power to feel supernatural forces.

Moonstone Physical Healing Properties

Moonstone corresponds to the solar plexus chakra in the brain and acts on it to prevent diseases such as edema; for women, wearing moonstone jewelry daily can soothe physiological pains (do not wear it during menstruation), regulate your endocrine system, and improve fertility.

Moonstone is very helpful for sleep. Placing it next to you at night can help you sleep more peacefully, and with good sleep quality, your skin will get better and you will be more energetic during the day. Moonstone is a stone full of energy, which can also prevent sleepwalking.

This crystal also has an effect on the digestive system, helping to absorb nutrients, eliminate toxins and prevent aging.

Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone is a gemstone that represents love, emits a romantic glow, and evokes emotions and passions inside us, making it the best gift of affection. Wearing moonstone can attract love, promote tenderness between lovers, connect their hearts and souls.

In some places, the moonstone is also called the “travelers’ stone” because it is believed to have the power to protect travelers at night. In certain Asian countries, it is also used as a symbol of “no tears”.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Moonstone, Alloy

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Natural Moonstone Vintage Necklace