Natural Tanzanite Charm Bracelet

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With deep blue and purple stone, the Natural Tanzanite Charm Bracelet is a beautiful piece. Tanzanite is a gemstone known for its valuable aid for spiritual healing and improving psychic power.

The Natural Tanzanite Charm Bracelet can be worn on special occasions or everyday use.

Tanzanite Introduction

Tanzanite is a stone of transformation, shifting from lilac-blue to sapphire blue and into deep blue-violet. This lovely stone is considered to be one of the most valuable of all metaphysical crystals for spiritual exploration.

Tanzanite has a high vibrational energy that invites protection and safety in linking with higher realms and allows for deep profound meditation. The stone is particularly helpful in uniting the mind and heart, teaching one to live from a compassionate heart with an illumined mind.

Tanzanite Benefits

Physical Healing

If you have any skin or hair related dilemmas, this stone can do wonders for you. Many people adore this stone because its properties are said to help treat hair fall problems and skin concerns. 

Tanzanite stone is also believed to help recover fast if one had an operation and wanted to stay away from post-surgery side effects. It is believed to have enormous healing powers that help protect the wearer from physical complications

Heal Emotions

Tanzanite is a stone known for its power to regulate sentiments and keep them stable. The healing properties of the Tanzanite stone are not only for physical healing but also for mental healing. The stone can precisely regulate their feelings and ideally balance emotions.

Product Detail

  • Material: Natural Tanzanite,  Gold Beading Wire 
  • Stone Size: 3mm
  • Size: Adjustable 6.5 inches to 8 inches or 16.5cm to 20cm

Product Inclusion

  • 1 Piece Natural Tanzanite Charm Bracelet