Nine Planets Natural Gemstones Gift Box

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Handcrafted and truly unique 9 planet gemstones. Each gemstone has to strengthen and stabilizing energy that will help you eliminate your negative energy and keeps you energized and empowered.

Nine Planets Natural Gemstones helps makes you feel positive and uplifted, bring you peace, fortune, and endless positive energy.


There are 9 planets taken into consideration in the Vedic astrology while calculating the birth chart. These nine planets bring both pros and cons result in our life depending upon their placements in the birth chart. Hence, the 9 planets (Navgraha) have their assigned gemstone to dispel the negative influence of the planets.

These gemstones are recommended for you for various reasons. Some people use it for the betterment of their life. While some others use it for getting rid of the negative influence of the planets.

Nine Planet Stones of the Solar System

  • Mercury (Labradorite)
  • Venus (Yellow Tiger Eye Stone)
  • Earth (Sodalite)
  • Mars (Red Agate)
  • Jupiter (Serpenggiante)
  • Saturn (Topaz Stone)
  • Uranus (Howlite)
  • Neptune (Amazonite)
  • Pluto (Golden Obsidian)