Protective Health Amulet


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The Protective Health Amulet is an ancient symbolism believed to guide one's path. In modern popular culture, the Vegvísir symbol is often called Runic Compass or "see the way". 

The Vegvisir, meaning 'guidepost', is a Nordic protection symbol used by ancient tribes. Aside from the spiritual benefits, the Protective Health Amulet is also a beautiful piece that can be worn daily or on special occasions.

Protective Healthy Symbol History

Vegvisir, the Viking Compass, is first recorded in the Huld Manuscript, compiled by Geir Vigfusson in the 19th century. It depicts the Vegvisir symbol, which means “that which shows the way”, combining “vegur” which means way, with “visir”, which means pointer.

The symbol in the Huld Manuscript is square, rather than the round version that is common today and is composed of eight staves, each ending with different symbols. It has been speculated that each symbol represented one of the cardinal directions, much like a compass.

Protective Healthy Benefits

Vikings and Nordic sailors used this symbol because it was believed to indicate the way homeand protect them from storms. This is why it is also called the Viking compass.

While Vegvisir is a potent symbol of allegiance to Norse religion it is also believed to act as a talisman of guidancefor those who believe.

This is also a spiritual compass that can guide your heart and steps to make the right choice. In addition, if you lose your confidence it will help you find yourself again. 

The symbol is also believed to offer positive energyto the wearer that can benefit its physical and mental health. 

Product Detail:

  • Dimensions: 1.57 inches x 4 cm
  • Chain:  22 inches long
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Gold OR Silver

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 Piece Gold OR Silver Protective Health Amulet