Pure Copper Laughing Buddha Auspicious Ornament

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The laughing Buddha is a symbol of prosperity, contentment, and happiness. According to Feng Shui, placing several figurines around the house fills the space with positive energy and happiness.

About Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha (Budai) is regarded as the highest representation of happiness and one who takes away all misery and brings good fortune. The laughing buddha images depict a stout, pot-bellied man who has childlike laughter on his face.

He is popular as little figurines and amulets that people can easily carry home from where they got him. However, when you observe the most popular form of the laughing Buddha closely, you will notice that he is always carrying a cloth bag that is filled with many precious items such as food, candies for children, and other riches, which represents a never-ending supply of health, joy, and wealth.

Here Are Some Laughing Buddha For Home Tips:

  • Place the Buddha opposite the main entrance facing the inside of the house. It can be oriented in the east, northeast, or southeast direction.
  • While placing the laughing Buddha in the garden, ensure it is kept on a pedestal or a tray. Please do not keep it on the bare ground.
  • You can keep many forms of the laughing Buddha in different parts of the house to attract the blessing you seek.
  • A laughing Buddha on the study or work desk will improve concentration and productivity. It can also reduce clashes and bring more peace.
  • Placing the laughing Buddha facing southeast will increase the wealth and prosperity of the family.
  • The sitting posture of the laughing Buddha symbolizes love and harmony. It can be placed in the room facing East or Northeast.
  • The standing Buddha is symbolic of wealth and prosperity. It can be placed in the living room facing east.
  • Laughing Buddha materials also affect the energy of the house. Different materials attract different energy. The Jade laughing Buddha is considered the most sacred in Eastern cultures.
  • Avoid placing the laughing Buddha in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Always remember the stature on a stool, mat, or pedestal- never put it on the floor directly.
  • Never place the laughing Buddha above a shoe rack or close to electrical outlets or appliances.

Product Details:

  • Type: Ornament
  • Material: Brass
  • Color: Gold
  • Size: 7cm

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x Pure Copper Laughing Buddha Auspicious Ornament