Red Agate Lucky Jade Earrings

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Red agate is the gem that symbolizes the earth element. History has it that people will be blessed with good fortune, health, and longevity if they wear something made of red agate.

The decorative elements are inlaid jade on the earrings, which makes them more gorgeous, trendy, and stylish. But, of course, they can also be a gift for your friends. 

Jade symbolism includes associations withnobility and wealth. Many consider it a protector of generations, living and dead. Jade has always been the “Gem Supreme” and the “Jewel of Heaven,” stone of the heart.

This beautiful piece comprises 925 Sterling Silver and real precious jade, crafted using electroplating technology. It weighs approximately 5.9g. 

These earrings are not only beautiful but also eye-catching. A fantastic addition to your awesome collection!