Red Garnet Double Pixiu Wealth Bracelet

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Bring some luck into your life with this Red Garnet Double Pixiu Wealth Bracelet!

The Red Garnet Stones are known to protect against negative forces around, and they work on all chakras. They can balance our moods, emotions, etc., by removing energy blocks at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Pixiu is a mythical Chinese creature known as the "fortune beast" in Chinese culture. Locals believe wearing this symbol will bring money and good fortune to its wearer. In addition, this creature is thought to protect people from losing wealth, unwanted energy, and evil spirits.

With these two robust materials combined, you'll get an elegant-looking bracelet and protection from opposing forces that will help generate luck in your life!

Made from pure copper and red garnet gemstones, this bracelet has a length of 17cm and + an extension chain of 5cm with only 6.5g in weight—you'll experience comfort while wearing it!

Best worn every day and perfect for gifting! Get yours NOW!