Ruby Pixiu Silver Bracelet

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The Ruby Pixiu Silver Bracelet is a beautiful piece that combines elegance and luck. Ruby and Pxiu are both important talisman that helps heal physical and emotional stress

Ruby is one of the precious gemstones, that has a pink and red stone-colored appearance. It shows the variety of the mineral corundum. Usually, it is pinker than garnet and called a birthstone for July.

Pixiu is a Chinese mythical auspicious creature with the fierce-looking of a dragon head, horse body, and unicorn claws; the winged animal's bold body resembles a lion covered with whitish-grey fur.

Benefits Of Ruby

Physical Healing

Ruby has strong effects in case of when the sun is heading between the conjoined Rahu or Ketu. It gives a permanent solution to skin problems and this is highly recommended.

Ruby affects the health of the individual. It makes the bones stronger. It is also believed to be effective in bone tuberculosis or highly recommended in the case of bone disorders.

Mental Healing

It is said that the heat intensity of the stone provides the energy for revitalization. It also reduces the chances of having depression and anxiety. Astrologer recommends the use of ruby to the mental issues prone to individuals.

Ruby has the ability to dissolve the confusion, frustration. It makes the person calm, sharp, and alert or focused on life achievements.

Love & Relationship

Ruby being a red stone is always associated with passionate love. The stone is meant to improve the bond and make the relationship healthier. 

Benefits Of Pixiu

Ward off Evil Spirits

Wearing Pixiu as a piece of jewelry like a ring, bracelet, necklace, or having it as an ornament at home or in your workplace can ward off evil forces. Pixiu can sense trouble and assist the owner in warding off misfortune and evil spirits. Pixiu is popularly believed to be the protector of its master.

Acquire and Preserve Wealth

In ancient China, many use Pi Xiu to gather wealth thus it is popularly used by casinos and businesses. Today, Pi Xiu is displayed in the stores, businesses, and at home to gather wealth and protect the earnings. Wearing a Pi Xiu can bring you good fortune and wealth

Improve Fortune

In ancient China, it is believed that touching a Pixiu one to three times brings good fortune to the people. It also symbolizes the people's good wishes. People who gamble wear Pixiu to change their luck and gain fortune

Help Romance

Wearing and having Pixiu around can also bring good luck to a romantic relationship. It is able to drive away from the undesired romance avoiding failed love.

Pi Xiu Blessings

  1. Conducts good luck and fortune
  2. Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck
  3. Enhances wealth and riches
  4. Protects individuals and building
  5. Protects against evil forces, obstacles, and hardship
  6. Brings unexpected windfall luck

Should I wear it on my left hand or right hand?

Wear the bracelet on your dominant hand, the hand that you use to write. 

Where should I place it when I am not wearing it?

When you are sleeping, bathing, or any other situation that you are not wearing it, you should place it in the living room, with the head facing towards the main door. Do not place it in your bedroom

Product Detail

  • Material: S925 Silver, Natural Ruby
  • Weight: 6grams
  • Size: 16cm -19cm
  • Adjustable Opening

Product Inclusion

  • 1 Ruby Pixiu Silver Bracelet