Spiritual Healing Chakra Pendulum

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The Spiritual Healing Chakra Pendulum is a popular divination tool used in spiritual healing. It is used for chakra balancing, aura cleansing, clearing the blockage of energy (chi) in the body, grounding.

Pendulum Meaning & Uses

A pendulum is a weight hanging from a fixed point. The energy moves the weight with a little help from the unconscious mind. Pendulums feel magical because even when it is held completely still, they begin to move in the detection of the invisible energy.

Pendulums can be made up of a variety of elements including crystals, wooden, glass, or metals, and come in all shapes and sizes. The edge of the pendulum is often blunt and is known to bring the body into a meditative state. It does the same by aligning the chakras of your body and energy centers.

When the pendulum is placed over the 7 chakra centers the energy level will reveal balance, imbalance, or energy blocks.

Pendulum Uses & Benefits

  • Dowse for health or illness in your body or in someone else’s (even pets!)
  • Help calm and center your focus, and receive a direct answer from your higher consciousness.
  • Help put yourself in a receptive or meditative state of mind.
  • Allow you to take a minute or even a few seconds to consider a decision, so you don’t make snap decisions you regret later.
  • Get more direct and specific answers as well by using aboard.
  • Help you decide what you really want.
  • Strengthen your intuitive awareness.
  • Dowse for answers that won’t get you funny looks in public.

How To Use:

  1. Hold the pendulum a few inches above the crown chakra and wait for it to move automatically by picking on subtle vibrations.
  2. Keep moving to the next six chakras while noting down the direction in which the pendulum is swinging.
  3. You can carry a pendulum chart for reference.

    Product Detail:

    • Weight: 10g
    • Drop Height 4.2cm
    • Line Length: 19cm
    • Material: Pure Natural Stone

    Product Inclusion:

    • 1 Piece Spiritual Healing Chakra Pendulum