Turquoise Stone with Indian Head Pendant Necklace

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Wearing Turquoise jewelry adds a burst of color to your outfits. It will bring a fresh brightness that will be welcome any day and any time.

Turquoise will lift your spirits and lighten your emotions when you look good. Looking good is always healing to the heart, so make sure that you wear beautiful Turquoise jewelry all the time.

Ancient cultures regarded Turquoise as a highly sacred stone because its energies are centered on protection, power, and luck

Advantages of Wearing a Turquoise Necklace
that adds to its popularity
  • Turquoise is believed to bring calmness and serenity in life.
  • It is also believed to protect from negative energy and bad omens.
  • In many cultures, turquoise is revered as a holy stone as well as one that brings good fortune.
  • In the earlier times, it was believed that the gem showed color change if the wearer was ill or was in danger. It would then turn back to its original color once the calamity has passed.
  • It is considered to be a peaceful and harmonizing stone that decreases nervousness, tension, and stress. The gem is also reputed to promote empathy, sensitivity, and positive thinking.

The stone is thought to also Possess Healing Qualities

  • The stone is believed to be useful in cases related to rheumatism, viral infections, gout, and stomach ailments.
  • It is also believed to be helpful in throat, teeth, and lung infection as well as in asthma and depression.
  • The gem is also believed to be a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory and detoxifying gemstone.
  • If worn over the solar plexus, the stone is believed to offer maximum health benefits.

Turquoise Jewelry is Loved by All

This fabulous gemstone has always been held in high esteem. It has intrigued and captivated humanity. Its importance and significance are recorded in history and have been a part of folklore in many cultures across the world. It has been prized by commoners as well as royalty.

Native American Indian head Symbol

A handmade Native American Indian head symbolizes the warrior and represents strength and bravery. One who wears the chief has the spirit of the fighter and protector.

When many of us picture Native Americans, we see a stately chief, standing tall wearing a large feathered headdress. The headdress is a very important part of Native American culture. The Native American headdress was reserved for the most powerful and influential among the tribe thus it symbolizes strength, bravery, and power.

Product Detail

  • Material: natural turquoise, composite leather, alloy, beads
  • Length: 45cm, 14cm extension (adjustable)
  • Weight: 23 grams  

Product Inclusion

  • 1 x Turquoise Stone with Indian Head Pendant Necklace