Vintage Floral Locket Necklace

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Vintage Floral Locket Necklaceis a personalized good luck charm. It is more than just a jewelry piece but also an heirloom that represents a moment in time.  This vintage locket opens to reveal a space used for storing photographs. In some culture and tradition, lockets were worn to express membership in a secret society – an allegiance to a slain monarch 

The Vintage Floral Locket Necklace is a unique keeper of memories. It makes a perfect gift for special occasions and is often passed from generation to generation. 

Vintage Floral Locket Necklace

Locket Symbolism

Lockets evolved from ancient amulets. Lockets are originally worn to concealgood luck charms, small fabric squares soaked in perfume to ward smells, painted portraits,and even, on occasion, poison.

The purpose of locket necklaces changed throughout history, but in general, they were always meant to hold something special or vital to the wearer. In the past, individuals have used lockets to hold:

  • A portrait
  • A small love letter
  • A lock of hair
  • A slip of paper with a prayer or wish
  • A music box
  • Medicine
  • Herbs

Vintage Floral Locket Necklace

Locket Uses & Significance

Something Significant

Lockets are popularly known to keep photos, prayers, or sometimes wishes. When you keep a photo of someone you love, you will easily be reminded of them and their beautiful face can be your lucky charm. The same goes with keeping a prayer or wish inside the jewelry, it gives significance to your hopes and desires.

The locket keeps these significant things close to the wearer as they are able to carry them around in this dainty keepsake. 

Something Private

Many locket designs hide whatever is inside them as long as the outside isn't see-through. Whether the wearer puts a photograph, note, or other trinkets inside, they'll be the only one to know it's there.

Something Sentimental

It's the symbolism that makes the most sense for a locket, especially when it is on a necklace chain. Whatever photo or keepsake you put inside a locket necklace, it will dangle near your heart.

Something Practical

In more cases than others, the wearer keeps something with purpose inside the locket. These practical items vary from perfumed squares to essential oil diffusers. These items add provide pleasing scents and are also used for aromatherapy.

Vintage Floral Locket Necklace

Product Detail

  • Material: Alloy 
  • Color: Gold
  • Chain Length: 50cm
  • Design: Flower Engraving

Product Inclusion

  • 1 Piece Vintage Floral Locket Necklace