Wealth Gathering Feng Shui Ornament

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The Wealth Gathering Feng Shui Ornament is an excellent addition to any home or office. This five-element set includes the dragon turtle, brave, unicorn, gourd, and lion compass. The combined elements of these five elements are powerful in their technical symbolism and integration.

The dragon turtle means strength and vitality. It can be placed in a home or office to attract prosperity luck for the owner and increase their business success.

The brave element represents courage and leadership. It helps people achieve their goals by giving them the courage to act on their dreams and aspirations.

The unicorn element is associated with wisdom and knowledge gained through experience. It can help you become wiser in your decisions by providing insight into how others have made decisions before you or what they could learn from them (in a good way).

The gourd element represents longevity, prosperity, abundance, great wealth (if you get enough of it), and good fortune for all who come near it! If you have this ornamental piece in your home or office, it will bring good fortune into your life!

The lion's compass is associated with strength and power over others' weaknesses, so they can overcome their problems without needing help from anyone else!

You can use it to create a harmonious environment and bring luck to your life.