White Jade Charm Necklace

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Wearing a White Jade necklace protects the wearer from negative energies. It is a calming, grounding Nephrite jade. It also brings peace, harmony and luck. 

The glowing white color of this Jade gemstone represents luck, hope, and abundance. White Jade is particularly known for this purpose and is also famously associated with wealth


White Jade is also wonderful in the decision-making process, as it blocks distractions, allowing for the best results to reveal themselves (which makes it especially useful for children).


White Jade healing properties are diverse and extremely powerful, which is one of the many reasons this gemstone is highly cherished.

Building Wealth and Prosperity

The stone will get rid of energies that bring you down, in turn enabling you to redirect your energy towards where it is needed. With that, you will be able to visualize your goals clearly and direct all your focus on them.

It prepares you for dealing with business problems in a smart fashion and helps you tackle and solve them with a clear head.

White Jade brings abundance in luck and ensures that it stays with you throughout your hard times.

Physical Benefits

White Jade holds remarkable healing properties on a physical level as well. We know it is a healing crystal at its core. It does wonders with bladder and kidney problems. White Jade is helpful with fluid retention and balancing blood sugar levels. It also stabilizes high blood pressure.

White Jade may help with arthritis, hip pains, and other joint conditions. It is also believed by shamans that White Jade regulates the reproductive system if there are problems in the fertility cycle.

Spiritual Benefits

White Jade gemstone purifies your heart and rejuvenates your inner energy. It cleanses you from harmful, dark energy and makes your chest feel lighter. It has powerful properties that are known to lighten you up spiritually. It gets rid of your troubling auras, inspiring you to find more meaning in life.

Interestingly, White Jade is called a grounding stone, but why?

We humans are filled with a whole range of emotions, some more unstable and exasperating than others. White Jade interlinks with these emotions and placates them, connecting with your energies on a deeper level and soothing them. It helps you keep your composure and enhances your capabilities in your personal and social lives.

Mental Benefits

The White Jade gemstone acts as an empowering shield by protecting you from recurring senseless thoughts. It also strengthens your mind and gives you clarity in your perspectives. You will be able to make decisions more assertively and calmly.

White Jade calms down anxiety, which is an emotion you never want to face in critical situations

It is also incredible how White Jade helps you claim power over your mind. Clearing away flimsy obstructions in your mental ventures, enables you to gain insight and prudence.

The stone is also known to clear away nervousness and worry. It also pacifies aggravation and instills a more composed disposition. This crystal can act as your soothing talisman!

Emotional Benefits

White Jade has the power to saturate your personality with kindness, love, and nobility. It sets your moral compass straight when you’re confused. This is why it is always encouraged to use White Jade for the betterment of the self. It shifts your inclinations towards better and healthier life choices.  

The White Jade gemstone is known to bring luck and prosperity at your doorstep. It has been used as a lucky charm and talisman for centuries. It is associated with wealth as well. It is a favorite stone among business owners for its specialties with fortune and wealth.

How to Use White Jade for the Best Results

Wearing White Jade jewelry is highly recommended if you want to benefit from the healing powers of this stone.

  • Keep White Jade close to you for the whole day. That includes sleeping as well.
  • This stone will improve your body’s ability to defend and protect itself. Doing so will also detoxify the blood and calm your nerves so that you can fully relax.
  • It will be best to have this stone with you always when you deal with mental health problems or work in a high-stress environment.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Natural White Jade, S925 Sterling Silver
  • Pendant Size: 2.1x0.8cm
  • Chain Length: 38-45cm

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x White Jade Charm Necklace